Chemistry in motion at Victor Idaho
"My wife and I just had what will certainly be the first of many meals at Spoons Bistro in Victor. I can honestly say that each item met or exceeded our expectations, often combining several unique components. The menu and wine selections were well thought, presentation and attention to quality and flavor such as are not often found in a large city menu with twice the cost. Favorites of the night were a toss between the Spicy Tuna Tartar and the Zucchini Spaghetti, (yepp, there's really no pasta in that dish but it's twice as good without it). Give them a try but you might want to call ahead. The place was packed with half again as many folks waiting in line outside, many of them local or from 20+miles away. Always a good sign.. (:->"
Urbanspoon, September 2010

Best New Years ever
"My family and I went to Spoons for a 9 course tasting menu on New years Eve and have never been more excited about a meal. Each of the menu items were incredible and inspired. The atmosphere was cozy and you really felt wanted in the restaurant. The chef, Travis, came out at the end of the night and is very likeable and a wonderful person to talk food with, as a self taught chef he really knows his food and it's afraid to test the boundaries of what should be on a plate. I have never been happier with a meal before. A definite two thumbs up, five stars out of five. "
Urbanspoon, January 2012

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Ski Gourmet: Ultimate Guide To Luxury Ski Town Dining
"I’m not a big fan of molecular gastronomy or bemoaning the loss of El Bulli, but if you want an offbeat combination of science lab and pub food, it is worth the trip to Victor, Idaho and Spoons Bistro where the chef owner drives several hours each way to get heirloom potatoes with a particular water content for his fries and rolls out dishes like pasta-free zucchini “spaghetti.”"
Larry Olmsted, Forbes 2012